Our Mission:  To develop strong, empowered young women

RocketFuel Volleyball Club was founded in October 2016 by Katharyn DeVille and her husband, Charles. They are parents to their own volleyball player, Jacqueline, who also plays for Airline High School. She fell in love with the sport at age 7 when the DeVille family lived in the Dallas area. Moving to North Louisiana, however, showed that volleyball hadn’t reached the popularity that it has in other states, especially nearby Texas. Their daughter’s love for the sport inspired them to start a program that is committed to providing girls and young women in our region with excellent volleyball training, coaching and playing experiences.  We believe it’s our responsibility to provide them with safe facilities, quality instruction and a positive learning environment.

Our club is about more than winning and losing. It’s about helping to develop girls into confident young women who learn to handle competitive situations, improve their physical fitness, and form meaningful bonds with teammates.  We want them to have fun. We want them to learn leadership skills. We want to open the door to the potential for further advancement beyond their high school experiences. We hope to expose them to The Word. We hope they create memories that will last a lifetime. We are more than a business or service. We are neighbors striving to “do good” and contribute to our growing community for years and generations to come.